Publications and Technical Reports

  • Kiefer, D.A., F. O'Brien, Z. Siegrist and J. Rensel. 2020.
          A Modeling and Mapping Tool for Seaweed Farms in the United States: Seaweed AquaModel.
          System Science Applications, Inc.

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          Marine spatial planning makes room for offshore aquaculture in crowded coastal waters. Nature
          Communications 9: 945.    

  • Rensel, J. and J. Burns. 2018.
          AquaModel Assessment of Measured vs. Modeled Ammonia-Nitrogen and Zone of Mixing-Dilution
          Analysis at Blue Ocean Mariculture, Island of Hawai'i.
Prepared for Blue Ocean Mariculture LLC.
          Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i and Hawai'ian State Dept. of Health. 27 p.

  • Sellner, K.G. and J.E. Rensel. 2018.
          Prevention, control and mitigation of harmful algal bloom impacts on fish, shellfish and human
          consumers.  pp. 435-492 in S.E. Shumway, J.M. Burkholder, S.L. Morton (ed.), Harmful Algal
          Blooms: A Desk Manual.
  Wiley-Blackwell Science Publishers. DOI:10.1002/9781118994672.ch12

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          Offshore aquaculture: Spatial planning principles for sustainable development. Ecology and Evolution,
          7: 733-743.

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          Sustainable Marine Aquaculture in the Southern California Bight: A Case Study on Environmental
          and Regulatory Confidence: Final Report.
California Sea Grant Project Number: NA14OAR4170075
          by System Science Applications and U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 32 p.

  • Cifuentes, H.C., J.E. Rensel, V.B. Meneses and E.P. Matamala.  2015.
          Informe Final: Verificación en Chile de sistemas de modelación para la evaluación ambiental de la
          acuicultura.  Diciembre 2015  Instituto de Fomento Pesquero, IFOP. Para: Subsecretario de Pesca y
          Acuicultura. 143 pp.  Available from IFOP.

  • Rensel, J. 2015.
          AquaModel Fish Aquaculture Simulation Model and GIS in Nova Scotia and Gulf of Maine: Validation
          and Adaptation for Government and Industry Management Use (SeaGrant No. R/LME/N-6, Summary
System Science Applications, Inc. for Washington Sea Grant, Seattle WA. 11 p.         

  • Rensel, J.E. 2015.
          Preliminary Assessment of Seawater Circulation near Hood Head, Hood Canal, Washington for
          Seaweed Cultivation - Ocean Acidification Refugium Evalution.
  Prepared by Rensel Associates
          Aquatic Sciences for Puget Sound Restoration Fund and Paul Allen Family Foundation.  54 p.

  • Rensel, J.E., Z. Siegrist, F.J. O'Brien and D.A. Kiefer.  2015.
          Final report:  AquaModel application and training in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  For
          Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.  Prepared by System Science
          Applications, Inc.

  • Rensel, J.E., O'Brien, F., Siegrist, Z. and D.A. Kiefer. 2015.
          Tropical Open-Ocean Aquaculture Modeling: AquaModel Tuning and Validation.
          Prepared by System Science Applications, Inc. Renton WA for Dr. Alan Everson, Pacific Islands Region
          Aquaculture Coordinator, National Marine Fisheries Service, with the cooperation of Blue Ocean
          Mariculture LLC, Kailua-Kona, HI.  75 p.

  • Rensel, J.E., Kiefer, D.A., and F.J. O'Brien. 2013.
          Initial AquaModel Study of Potential Fish Mariculture near the United Arab Emirates East Coast.
          Prepared by Systems Science Applications, Inc. Los Angeles for Dr. Donald Anderson, Woods Hole
          Oceanographic Institution and the United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Environment and Water. 77 p.

  • Rensel, J.E. 2013.
          Quilcene Bay Shellfish Hatchery Discharge Study.
          Prepared for Coast Seafood Company, Bellevue WA and the Washington Department of Ecology by
          Rensel Associates Aquatic Sciences, Arlington WA.  44 p.

  • O'Brien, F., D. Kiefer and J.E. Jack Rensel. 2011.
          Aquamodel: Software for Sustainable Development of Open Ocean Fish Farms.
          (Island of Hawaii, moi and cobia physiology). U.S. Department of Agriculture: Small Business Innovation
          Research Final Report Prepared by System Science Applications, Inc. Irvine, CA. Data provided by
          PacIOOS (, part of the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®), funded in
          part by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Award #NA11NOS0120039. 124 p.

  • Kiefer, D.A., J.E. Rensel, F.J. O'Brien, D.W. Fredriksson and J. Irish. 2011.
          An Ecosystem Design for Marine Aquaculture Site Selection and Operation.
          (Gulf of Maine and Southern California Bight) NOAA Marine Aquaculture Initiative Program. Final Report.
          Award Number: NA08OAR4170859. by System Science Applications, Irvine CA in association with
          United States Naval Academy and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Far Field
          Circulation provided by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena. 181 p.

  • Rensel, J.E., K. Bright and Z. Siegrist. 2011
          Integrated fish-shellfish mariculture in Puget Sound.
          NOAA Award - NA080AR4170860. NOAA National Marine Aquaculture Initiative.
          Rensel Associates, Arlington WA in association with American Gold Seafoods and Taylor Shellfish. 82 p.

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          Rufus Woods Lake - Columbia River Reservoir Morphometrics, Initial Food Web and Rainbow Trout
          Fishery Studies
          Prepared for the Colville Confederated Tribes Fish and Wildlife Department, Nespelem, WA
          by EcoAnalysts, Inc. Wenatchee, WA and System Science Applications Inc. Irvine, CA 130 p.

  • Kiefer, D.A., David W. Fredriksson, James D. Irish, J.E. Jack Rensel, and Frank J. O'Brien. 2010.
          Modeling Offshore Fish Farms in New Hampshire and California.
          World Aquaculture Society: Aquaculture 2010 - San Diego

  • James D. Irish, David W. Fredriksson, Dale A. Kiefer, J.E. Jack Rensel, and Frank J. O'Brien. 2010.
          Environmental Observations in Support of Physical and Biological Modeling of Aquaculture Sites.
          World Aquaculture Society: Aquaculture 2010 - San Diego.

  • Rensel, J.E. 2010.
          Tracing of fish farm effects on sediment and food web of Rufus Woods Lake, Columbia River,
          2009 Results.

          Prepared by Rensel Associates Aquatic Sciences, Arlington WA for Pacific Aquaculture Inc. and the
          Colville Confederated Tribes, Nespelem, Washington. 38 pp.

  • Rensel, J. and Z. Siegrist. 2010.
          Physical circulation study of proposed steelhead trout net pen Site 3 in Rufus Woods Lake,
          Columbia River.

          Prepared for Pacific Aquaculture Inc. Nespelem, WA. 42 p.

  • Rensel, J., Kiefer, D.A. and F. O'Brien. 2008.
          AquaModel: Comprehensive Aquaculture Modeling Software.
          p. 37-39 In: Open Ocean Aquaculture - Moving Forward, Cheng-Sheng Lee and Patricia J. O'Bryen (eds).

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          Offshore finfish mariculture in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
          Bull. Fish. Res. Agen. No. 19, 113-129.

  • Rensel, J.E. 2007.
          Fish kills from the harmful alga Heterosigma akashiwo in Puget Sound: Recent blooms and review.
          Prepared by Rensel Associates Aquatic Sciences for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
          Administration Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research (CSCOR). Washington, D.C. 59 pp.

  • Rensel, J.E., D.A. Kiefer and F.J. O'Brien. 2006.
          Modeling Water Column and Benthic Effects of Fish Mariculture of Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) in
          Puerto Rico: Cobia AquaModel.

          Prepared for Ocean Harvest Aquaculture Inc., Puerto Rico and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric
          Administration, Washington D.C. by Systems Science Applications, Inc. Los Angeles, CA. 60 pp.

  • Rensel, J.E. and J.R.M. Forster. 2007.
          Beneficial environmental effects of marine net pen aquaculture.
          Rensel Associates Aquatic Sciences Technical Report prepared for NOAA Office of Atmospheric and
          Oceanic Research. 57 pp.

  • Rensel, J.E., A.H. Buschmann, T. Chopin, I.K. Chung, J. Grant, C.E. Helsley, D.A. Kiefer, R. Langan,
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          Ecosystem based management: Models and mariculture.
          Pages 207-210 in J.P. McVey, C-S. Lee, and P.J. O'Bryen, editors. The Role of Aquaculture in
          Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management: An Ecosystem Approach. The World Aquaculture Society,
          Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70803. United States.

  • Rensel Associates and PTI Environmental Services.  1991. 
          Nutrients and Phytoplankton in Puget Sound.
          Peer reviewed monograph prepared for Puget Sound Estuary Program,  U.S. Environmental Protection
          Agency, Region 10, Seattle.  Report 910/9-91-002. 130 pp.

  • Parametrix, Battelle Northwest Laboratories and Rensel Associates. 1990.
          Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement: Fish culture in floating net-pens.
          Prepared for the Washington Department of Fisheries. 161 pp.

      Seminars and PowerPoint Presentations

      Best overview of AquaModel system:
  • System Science Applications, Inc.
          AquaModel simulation of fish mariculture, water and sediment effects in near and far fields.
          Presented by D. Kiefer and J. Rensel in Vina del Mar, Chile, May 2013.

  • Jack Rensel, Dale Kiefer and Frank O'Brien. 2013.
          Validation study of AquaModel fish farm simulation software.
          Modeling Session, World Aquaculture Society. Nashville TN.

  • Jack Rensel, Kevin Bright and Zachary Siegrist. 2013.
          Evaluation of mussel-oyster-salmon IMTA in Puget Sound using stable isotope tracing.
          Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture, World Aquaculture Society. Nashville TN.

  • Jack Rensel, Dale Kiefer and Frank O'Brien. 2013.
          Myths, realities and trends of computer modeling of aquaculture.
          Open Ocean Aquaculture Session. World Aquaculture Society. Nashville TN.

  • David W. Fredriksson, James D. Irish, Dale A. Kiefer, J.E. Jack Rensel, and Frank O'Brien. 2010.
          A Circulation Model to investigate the Movement of Wastes from an Open Ocean Aquaculture Site.
          World Aquaculture Society: Aquaculture 2010 - San Diego

  • J.E. Jack Rensel, Dale Kiefer, Frank OBrien, Michael Rust, Thomas Scott, Cameron Carter. 2010.
          Bioenergetics of Cobia and Moi: Applications to Offshore Culture and Modeling.
          World Aquaculture Society: Aquaculture 2010 - San Diego

  • J.E. Rensel. 2011.
          Changing the Adverse Impacts into Beneficial Effects: Enrichment of West Coast Freshwater and Marine
          Aquaculture Food Webs with Aquaculture Wastes
          Aquaculture Association of Canada - Quebec City. Invited Plenary Session.

  • Fredriksson D., J. Irish, D. Keifer, J.E. Jack Rensel, F. O'Brien 2011.
          AquaModel Software Application to Understand the Regional Effects of Multiple Marine Fish Farms in the
          Gulf of Maine, USA
          Aquaculture Association of Canada - Quebec City. Modeling Session.

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