Future directions include:
  •  Adaptation for "integrated aquaculture" (combined fish, shellfish or seaweed production)
  •  Development of a real time farm operation management option through the use of feedback sensors and probes to optimize fish farm operations for limiting factors such as dissolved oxygen flux
  •  Development of additional generic models of fish physiology for specific families of actual or candidate aquaculture fishes
  •  New types of contouring output for the model to quantitatively integrate isopleths of change around farms over variable time periods
  •  Description of changes in sediment interstitial oxygen based on published research previously done by some of our colleagues
  •  Verification of a consolidation element to the benthic submodel based on experimental and monitoring evidence
AquaModel - now a plug-in of EASy
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We are interested in offering the use of AquaModel to fellow scientists interested in using the system as a home for their data and means to model their data.

One goal of the use of AquaModel is to enable advanced detection of sites where excessive deposition of net pen wastes can lead to localized benthic eutrophication.
An example of the bottom in a slow-current condition
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