AquaModel Features

  •  Coast line data from many sources, including
              ♦ World Data Bank (WDB-II)
              ♦ World Vector Shoreline (WVS)
              ♦ ArcShape files
  •  Detailed bathymetry
  •  Satellite imagery (over 50 formats, including OpenDAP)
  •  Navigation charts
  •  Multimedia
  •  User-defined GIS shapes
  •  Profile plots (single or multi-trace, histograms, pie-charts, false color charts)
  •  Blob (bubble) plots
  •  Contours
  •  Current vectors
  •  Tidal ellipses
  •  Metadata
  •  Instant web deployment
  •  Google Maps
  •  Google Earth

Modeling Capabilities

  •  Ocean currents
              ♦ 2-D, 3-D, or merged
  •  Constant or dynamically changing ambient conditions data
  •  Modeled dissolved materials
              ♦ oxygen
              ♦ nitrogen
              ♦ phytoplankton
              ♦ zooplankton
  •  Modeled fish farm waste materials
              ♦ feed
              ♦ fecal
  •  Modeled benthic materials
              ♦ Suspended layer
                        feed waste
                        fecal waste
                        total carbon
              ♦ Sediment layer
                        feed waste
                        fecal waste
                        oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide
                        aerobic and anaerobic biomass
  •  Multi-farm capability
  •  Multi-species capability
  •  Default characteristics of several commercially important species included
  •  Animated plan and profile displays
              ♦ Dissolved, suspended, and sediment materials
              ♦ Surface and bottom flow velocities
              ♦ Fecal and feed waste streams
              ♦ Fish pen and waste stream properties

Analysis tools

  •  Statistical analysis of imagery
  •  3-D perspective charts
  •  Query measurement, bathymetry, and imagery
  •  Computed water volume within a user-specified region (e.g. bays)
  •  Built-in Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  •  Levenberg-Marquardt multi-dimensional surface search routine
  •  Kernel method 3-D density function calculation
  •  USGS 3-D earth magnetic model (intensity, declination, and magnitude)
  •  3-D current drift model
  •  Fast Fourier transforms
  •  A variety of standard statistical functions


  •  User-defined simulation times (start, end, direction, and step)
  •  Simulation capture and replay capability
  •  Animate satellite images and ArcShape files
  •  Animate blob plots, false color images, and profile plots of measurement data
  •  Play/step forward or backward or skip to specified simulation times (where compatible with simulation model)

Import Tools

  •  Database wizard imports ASCII, Excel, or database measurement data
  •  ASCII wizard imports ASCII geographic measurement data to false color raster images
  •  Batch importing of satellite imagery and aerial photographs

Export and Conversion Tools

  •  Export modeled properties to Excel for offline analysis
  •  Convert animated project data (graphic plan view and profile plots) to GoogleMaps or GoogleEarth
  •  Export animated displays to NetCDF image format files
  •  Export graphic displays to BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF files
  •  Subset and convert imagery files to Excel or to NetCDF images
  •  Convert ArcShape data to Excel
  •  Integrated with "R" for interactive or off-line analysis of image or profile plot data
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