Our vision is to utilize AquaModel to help plan and manage "integrated mariculture" projects. We invite you to contact us for information about how AquaModel can be used in your commercial fish farming application.  Presently AquaModel is not for sale but is available through consulting services of System Science Applications (SSA) in joint venture with Rensel Associates Aquatic Sciences.
AquaModel - now a plug-in of EASy
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Future Uses

We are contracted to develop new fish physiology submodels for other marine fish, both in temperate and semitropical waters.  As experience grows internationally, generalized physiology and waste submodels will be prepared and applied.  Presently some information on fish physiology and waste production is required for new culture species, but within taxonomic groups of fishes similarities can be exploited.
Mariculture need not be limited to production of seafood, but integrated mariculture could be incorporated into coastal ecosystems as a means to sequester excess nutrients from anthropogenic continental sources.  AquaModel has the capability to perform as a quantitative planning tool in this endeavor.  From the in press book chapter arising from a recent international workshop, we excerpt the following:
Ecosystem Based Management: Models and Mariculture

Rensel, J.E., A.H. Buschmann, T. Chopin, I.K. Chung, J. Grant, C.E. Helsley, D.A. Kiefer, R. Langan, R.I.E. Newell, M. Rawson, J.W. Sowles, J.P. McVey, and C. Yarish. In press. Ecosystem based management: Models and mariculture. J.E. Rensel, editor.  Pages xx-xx in J.P. McVey, C-S. Lee, and P.J. O'Bryen, editors.  The Role of Aquaculture in Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management: An Ecosystem Approach.  The World Aquaculture Society, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70803.


Conceptual and numerical models are essential tools in managing and protecting coastal ecosystems. Models may be used in economic, social, and ecosystem simulations for many purposes, including aquaculture design, siting, and operation; ecosystem management and risk assessment; and integration of sustainable mariculture into restoration and management of coastal ecosystems... Read More